"Varieties of Indebtedness: Financialization and Mortgage Market Institutions in Europe" (Social Science Research. 2017; with Edo Navot)

"Consensus, polarization and alignment in the economics profession" (Sociological Science, 2016; with John Levi Martin and Misha Teplitsky).  Related blog posts at the Monkey Cage (Washington Post) and infoLibre (Spain).

"Cohesion, Conflict and Consensus: Technocratic Elites and Financial Crisis in Mexico and Argentina" (International Journal of Comparative Sociology, 2015)

"Washington Dissensus? Ambiguity and Conflict at the International Monetary Fund" (Socio-Economic Review, 2015).  General interest summary.

"Cycles of Polarization and Settlement: Rethinking the Dynamics of Change in the Macroeconomic Policy Field" (Theory and Society, 2015)

"Charisma, Status and Gender in Groups with and without Gurus" (Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, 2012)

Work in progress

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"Brokers, clients and elite political networks in Mexico" 

“Diffusion of financial exuberance: Securitization in the Spanish Banking Sector” (preliminary research report)